Egita Lune

“Losing hair can be stressful and upsetting. It can affect self-esteem almost like losing a piece of identity.” EL

Pascal B Hairpieces represent high-quality alternative hair for men. This alternative hair in the form of hair systems is neither recognizable to the eye nor to the touch.

A wide range of styles and colours as well as different attachment techniques such as bonding-hair pieces for permanent attachment are available and offer individual solutions for your hair.

A completely natural look together with reliability, as well as a style based on the latest cuts and colours are a matter of course. You can choose to have the hair within a week to 2 weeks time.

Custom made hair pieces will allow you to get you to no limitations of your dreams, as you can choose from many options of what is possible from choosing the look, feel and lifetime. Starting from the first consultation to completing the order with our production team and finishing with our best stylist giving the best style for you with in completed information pack. We will provide all the information needed, that’s you have freedom of your choice to be everywhere and you know how to be with your new hair. What you can do with your hair: -Swim/shower, -Exercise, -Style, -Colour, And much more...

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